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Wild Child stocks a wide range of Hevea products including the natural and coloured soothers. We are excited to also be adding the baby glass bottles to our website. We decided to take an in dept look at the brand, the products and provide some answers to commonly asked questions we get about Hevea. 

What is Hevea?

Hevea is a danish brand that manufacture natural soothers, bottles, teethers and toys. The products are instantly recognisable for their simplistic, traditional, danish design. The brands mission is to produce ethical, sustainable products that are better for our babies and better for our planet.

"Unifying the beautiful design with clear functionality is the core of the renowned Danish design tradition, and we stick to this in discovering and developing all that our cherished hevea can offer."

What are Hevea products made from?

Hevea brasiliensis or the rubber tree as it is more commonly known, is a flowering plant found in South America and Southeast Asia. This plant produces a natural rubber substance which can be used to replace many kinds of plastic. This natural rubber is used to make Hevea products.

Why is it better for the planet?

The lack of natural options for baby products formed the basis of Hevea's mission. Most soothers available today contain plastic. A large proportion of these will inevitably end up in landfill. Hevea decomposes naturally and can be used to make new products. 

How is it better for your baby?

The natural rubber used in Hevea products is soft and gentle against the skin. This is so important, particularly when babies are teething and are extra sensitive and uncomfortable. Hard plastic soothers and teethers can lead to further inflammation and rashes. The Hevea soother is uniquely designed in one piece. This prevents bacteria growing in cracks and crevices that you will find in most soothers. The ergonomic butterfly shape prevents a vacuum forming between the soother and the face. This prevents marks and irritation. The products are completely non toxic and contain no PVC, BPA, phthalates or artificial colours.

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